Wednesday, 25 March 2009

operation cancelled

words can't describe how i'm feeling and i just want to shout, now i know why i created this blog so i can moan and get things off my chest and no one has to read or reply!!!
R.N.O.H has just rung and Charlies op for tomorrow has been cnacelled due to a bed shortage, i feel like going up there tomorrow and counting the beds just to make sure!!!
Do they no know how much of a military operation it is to sort out a house hold before an operation, its not just the child going in to hospital that needs worrying about, i have worried myself sick sorting out Shannon and care for her and Allen has taken time off work and will not beable to take the time back now so have got him off at home for 2 days driving me mad. They are going to ring me monday with a date and they saked if i wanted it done before or after easter, all things considered before is better except her birthday is coming up so i hope it don't clash!
i feel so angry aarrrrggghhhhhhhhhh

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