Wednesday, 25 March 2009

operation cancelled

words can't describe how i'm feeling and i just want to shout, now i know why i created this blog so i can moan and get things off my chest and no one has to read or reply!!!
R.N.O.H has just rung and Charlies op for tomorrow has been cnacelled due to a bed shortage, i feel like going up there tomorrow and counting the beds just to make sure!!!
Do they no know how much of a military operation it is to sort out a house hold before an operation, its not just the child going in to hospital that needs worrying about, i have worried myself sick sorting out Shannon and care for her and Allen has taken time off work and will not beable to take the time back now so have got him off at home for 2 days driving me mad. They are going to ring me monday with a date and they saked if i wanted it done before or after easter, all things considered before is better except her birthday is coming up so i hope it don't clash!
i feel so angry aarrrrggghhhhhhhhhh

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

knew it..

wouldn't take long to fall behind on this blog!!!!
The Christening went well and the day was lovely, came down with a cold on sunday though, all the stessing i guess has found a way out.

now to concentrate on what i need for next week when Charlie is at Stanmore having her tendons lengthened.

finally had the phone call from GOSH that i have been waiting for to admit Charlie for tests and they wanted to take her in on Monday,after a litttle aruging Allen agreed with me that we should put it off incase she picked up anything and had to postpone the op next thursday, so now the tests will be mid april better than never i suppose.

as soon as i figure out how to add pics to post i will!!! still trying to work out the new facebook so may be a while!!!!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

let the madness begin

i collected Charlie from the hospice today and contrary to what i thought she gave me the bigest smile!
she was happy all the way home and all afternoon but did i pay for leaving her this evening!!!

now to get the red gear sorted for red nose day, have also got orthotics appt tomorrow and need to get helium balloons for the girls christenings on saturday.

hopefully i will be less stressed when i next get tiem to write, wish us luck for now!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


It has been one of those days today when i has been a busy day with nothing particular done!!! bit of cleaning up here and there, had a fashion show at Charlie's school which both the girls got out of modelling at, but i still had to help set up and model!!! thats my modelling career over with for another year.
I am going to get my darling little girl back tomorrow but before i do i have got her medical which she won't be present for!!! but can get test results back etc, then back to stressing about the christening!!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

today we begin

ok, saw so many people have blogs so thought would start my own maybe help get things ofmy chest when need be!

so whats happening not much i am having absolute nightmares about the girls christenings on saturday, was only meant to be a simple service to have Charlie baptised before major surgery and has turned into a bigger deal than my wedding was!!!!!

Charlie is currently at Keech cottage Chidrens Hospice and they have just rung asking if she wants an extra night..... of course i do she probably won't appreciate me leaving her there another night but i need a rest cruel mother!!!

well that'll do for my first blog, no longer a blog virgin!!!